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A digital marketing specialist is a person who will make your business visible on the internet.

It is definitive that the new digital economy requires changes to be made in the way we do business. Otherwise being left behind means losing and eventually dying, Ā«the fastest fish is the one that survivesĀ«. In this new context, digital marketing is key. We need it to be visible and show the business dynamic, and to ensure that the right message reaches the right person at the right time.

The needs of each organization are different. In smaller companies, each new strategy or new activity can become a real technical, financial and human challenge. That why you must know how to join digital marketing specialist in your team.

In this article, I will suggest a pathway to do so.

When should you include a specialist in your team?

You need a digital specialist if you are just starting your business or if you are launching a new service or product. You also need it if you need to communicate with your audience or if you decide to explore a new market niche. If you’ve set yourself a higher sales goal or if things just aren’t going the way was planned, you need a digital marketer. In other words, at any stage in which your business is, you should include a professional in the area.

Without a doubt, you must have a well-designed and self-sustaining marketing plan before things get difficult. You must understand that marketing is not something miraculous. It will not give you results overnight, the communication process until you reach the sale takes time. You need patience, perseverance, and consistency. If your sales are seasonal, the planning and execution of the internet marketing plan must be done well in advance.



Why should you have someone dedicated to digital marketing?

A digital marketing specialist is a key to making your business visible on the internet and social networks. Entrepreneurs and business owners consider that the priority activities are: administration, finance, human resources, production. They usually don’t allocate a budget to marketing.

Including a person dedicated full time to marketing, you will have someone who involves all the tools and techniques of this discipline. Sales will not happen just because your idea is great. You need to communicate it and the most powerful communication tool is the internet.

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Role of digital marketing specialist

The responsibilities of the person you hire are many. Due to its nature, marketing encompasses an endless number of tasks, and pretending that one person attends to all of them is not possible.

You may not be able to afford to hire specialists for every area. I suggest you consider finding the right person who is capable of leading and coordinating freelance SEO, advertising, social media, and content specialists.

In this way, you will achieve the maximum benefit in each of the activities and consequently achieve your goals.

How to evaluate the internet marketing specialist

How do you rate the person you hired for your marketing efforts?

A detailed, technical, or academic description is not necessary to answer this question, let’s keep it simple. Set two flags:



As simple as that!.

If there are no results, do not despair, because this will allow you to learn by evaluating what you sell and the digital marketing strategy. Once you analyze these two areas, you will reach conclusions that will allow you to evolve.


Hire a specialist person to manage marketing activities at whatever stage of business you are in.

This person should direct the activity of the different suppliers.

Evaluate the management and evolve.